New 3D technology brings higher brightness and immaculate color performance to Barco’s VR projectors

Kortrijk, Belgium, 29 April 2014 – Barco, a leader in virtual reality projection, announces the introduction of the new Infitec Excellence technology on its stereoscopic projectors. This partnership with Infitec Gmbh, specifically for the VR market, delivers a 40% increase in brightness and superior color performance for Barco’s range of stereoscopic VR projectors – enabling Barco to continue to lead the way in 3D stereo projection.

Traditionally, 3D stereoscopic images suffer from loss of brightness and slight color inaccuracies. The new Infitec Excellence technology overcomes these imperfections by increasing the light output by 40% and further improving image quality. As a pioneer in VR 3D stereo projection, Barco worked with Infitec in Germany to perfect the technology. Barco is now the first manufacturer to introduce the technology, applying it to its new Galaxy 4K and Galaxy NW7/NW12 range of Xenon-based 3-chip DLP projectors.

The leading 3D stereo technology … improved
Infitec stereo is a high-quality 3D stereo technology, using channel separation based on interference filters. The 3D stereo effects are created by projecting the primary colors at slightly different wavelengths for the left and right eyes. Infitec uses a pair of glasses with no batteries or other electronic components (so they can easily be cleaned), requires only one projector, and does not need to project on glossy metallic screens – making it a high-quality and cost-effective 3D technology suited for large audiences.

The new Infitec Excellence 4-band filters technology is a further refinement to the existing Active Infitec stereo. An internal circular filter wheel holds both left and right eye filters to show flicker-free 3D stereo content at full resolution and 120 Hz. Using this new technology, stereoscopic images can be viewed with perfect colors for an even better 3D user experience. The 40% increase in brightness produces more sparkling images.

The best technology for users’ needs
“Barco has been a strong supporter of the Active Infitec technology for years,” says Yoav Nir, Market Director Natural Resources at Barco. “After months of close collaboration with Infitec Gmbh in Germany, we are very pleased to announce the introduction of the Infitec Excellence technology in the VR market. This technology – suited for both front- and rear-projected applications – perfectly balances high-quality imagery with an attractive TCO. Customers who already own a Galaxy 4K, Galaxy NW-7 or Galaxy NW-12 setup can upgrade their system to the new Infitec Excellence technology in the field. Furthermore, all Barco projectors also provide active stereo, allowing users to select the 3D technology that best suits their needs. In this way, we offer the most versatile projectors on the market.”

Infitec Excellence will be available in the Galaxy 4K HFR and the (WUXGA) Galaxy NW-7 and NW-12 EX series as of May 2014.

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